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The volume of electronic waste doubles about every six years as technology plays a more… The post Earth911 Podcast: Alchemy’s James Murdock on Building a Circular Economy for Technology appeared first on Earth911.

Welcome to Sky Sports Editions, where we meet remarkable sports women as they direct their very own cover shoot. Alongside all of the live sport coverage on Sky, this series provides a space for these extraordinary athletes to tell their personal journeys, in their own words. Here, netballer Helen Housby shares her thoughts on gold […]

ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI Welcome to the first full week of December. As the week begins, we’re 10 days away from the start of Mercury’s retrograde through the signs of Capricorn, and later Sagittarius. We’re therefore at the peak of the pre-shadow period, and we can already sense that communication matters may start to slow […]

At least once a week — let’s face it, at least once every day — the writers and editors across Refinery29 discuss the latest and greatest products in our lives, from some cool new item that’s been absolutely saving our lives to a state-of-the-art sleep product that’s changed our eight hours for the better. And gatekeeping isn’t […]

The nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping, which means it’s time to start wrapping up. And the best way to do so while still looking chic is to take your cues from those in colder climates. Scandinavians in particular know a thing or two about keeping warm while staying stylish. One of […]

The holiday gifting season is when we lose all perception of time. Between the stress of travel plans, non-stop work, and the impending new year, it’s easy to wake up on Christmas Eve and realise you’re woefully unprepared — or, at least, you forgot a gift for that one friend who sends you presents every […]

It’s officially December, which means only one thing: Christmas is basically here. Sure, it may sound ridiculous now, but before you know it, the dark, stormy days will blur into one another, as last-minute, annual catch-ups dominate evenings and exhausted, SAD-fuelled duvet days fill weekends. So, while we know it’s time to rally on the […]

Hoping to whip up some head-turning party looks this month? We’ve got you covered. Because no matter what you celebrate, it’s likely your December diary is filling up with end-of-year get-togethers fast. And in a world of fleeting TikTok hacks and aesthetic burnout, the idea of coming up with a fresh party look can feel […]

The quest to find the perfect gift is not easy — even if you start early. If your holiday list still has a lot of question marks beside the names of your nearest and dearest, one of our favourite ways to eliminate that uncertainty is with a gift card. It’s also a procrastinator’s secret in […]

When the gifting window is closing, the mass procrastinator panic commences. Will the pearl necklace for your sister make it in time? Is the viral lip balm you were eyeing for your partner sold out? We’ve all been in the situation where the shipping cutoff odds are no longer in our favour, or we’re stressing out on what to […]