Handling Difficult People

Handling DP
The key to handling difficult people is to stay centered. A difficult person is someone who somehow knocks you off your center. It is someone whose behavior creates a reaction inside you that you don’t like. When you’re not centered, you might get defensive, or get so overwhelmed by feelings that you over or under-react. When you are off your center, you might take things too personally, get caught up in your ego or have any of a number of other reactions that are not in your best interest.

Getting and staying centered is a basic skill for which I can provide a great deal of assistance. Some people have a knack for taking us off our center. Sometimes it happens due to the speed at which things are happening. the emotional impact of an event, the unfamiliarity of a situation or the accumulation of too many aversive things happening

The baggage we carry from the past is also a prime reason we find current people difficult. You can increase your skill at staying centered and reacting the way you want to. When you get to where you can handle the difficult person who lives within you, you will find handling your fellow difficult people much easier.

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