Getting Unstuck


It is truly mind boggling how many ways we ingenious human beings can get stuck. You may be stuck in a destructive relationship. You may be caught in a toxic job. You might think about yourself in a way that trips you up and keeps you from having a shot at happiness. You could conclude that people all stink and that there is no way to trust them. You may find yourself shutting down, retreating from social contact, or being triggered into anger. You may be going in circles in your mind and finding yourself in the same unrewarding place again and again.

In reference to relationships, it is common knowledge that what you experienced in your family of origin influences who you pick when you are an adult and how you relate to him or her. For some of us, those experiences growing up in a dysfunctional family lock us into repeating self-destructive patterns. You’re an adult, but you’re still having a lousy childhood. Your job is to get the past out of your present relationships.

Whatever circle you may find yourself in, I am prepared to bring a caring objectivity to it. Without judging you, I can help you evaluate your circumstances. Together, we can work to free you from the orbit you are caught in. We are seeking Flow which is a state in which you are moving freely, applying your heart and your mind in a relatively effortless way. That is the ideal for which I see us striving.

One of many tools we may be able to use to loosen up your stuck situation is EMDR. For more on this, please see the section on EMDR For Trauma Recover.Hands Breaking Chains_37919350

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