Communication Skills


Communication skills are key in getting what you need from life. It is basically the sending and receiving of messages. Clear communication from you increases other people’s interest and the cooperation they will give you.  If you are not sending a clear signal, other people tend to tune you out just like we tune out static.

Effective listening is also a highly valuable communication skill.  If you can get what the other person is trying to tell you, you will be much more successful in getting what you need from them.

I can help with communication.   Learning how to how to get what the other person is transmitting and how to send back something he or she can receive will make any people situation better.

I observe that many conversations between people are not effective communication. They may both be talking, but annoyance and confusion are the outcome, not understanding. You will be at a big advantage if you can learn to both listen and respond accurately.  You can improve the communication skills that will allow you to do that.

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