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Co-dependency would be a reasonable descriptor of the state of being highly reactive to perceived invalidation by others. It can manifest itself in a style of being too nice and ending up vulnerable to manipulation. It can also result in chronic anger, resentment, passivity, or anxiety.

If you cannot tolerate disapproval, you are very vulnerable to manipulation. We all like approval and there are great advantages to knowing how to get it. Having to have approval however is a precarious state of affairs.

The surest path to overcome approval addiction is to learn more about what is going on inside you. This allows you to rest your security within your own self and not have to rely on other people’s reaction to you.

If you can’t stand being alone, you are at a big disadvantage in life. Having to have a relationship right now, means you cannot do the necessary screening to be sure a relationship prospect is good for you. It may also mean that you cannot easily leave a toxic relationship, even when it is hurting you.

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