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These classes are an inexpensive way to get started with substantive training in the basic skills of handling yourself and other people. The classes are three hours on a Saturday. Even if you already have a high level of skill dealing with people, you can still take that skill further.


How well you handle anger will have a major impact on how well things go for you in life. Suppress it, and it damages your health and disturbs your peace of mind. Explode, and you hurt people and undermine relationships. Other people’s anger is also a challenge to handle. Learn the nuts and bolts of this key emotion so you can make it work for you instead of being a problem.  Personal relationships will be covered as well as work situations.  A variety of anger related tools will be demonstrated, not just discussed.

Pierce College
Saturday 5/5/18     10 am to 1 pm


Fear, anxiety, worry and panic attacks are a cause of unhappiness for most of us and create severe suffering for many.  Often the emotions generated cause us more harm than the actual things we’re afraid of ever will.  The ideal state in which to handle our real world problems is calm and centered. Three hours on a Saturday morning will give us a chance to work on our skill at taming our minds.  Our goal will be to experience more mental comfort and to be more effective at handling issues.

Pierce College
Saturday 5/12/18      10 am to 1 pm



Coming up against other people is an unavoidable part of life.  Our lives are full of ordinary little encounters like asking the boss for a raise, being criticized by a significant other, needing to say no to a request, trying to get into a lane in traffic, apologizing for hurting someone, or riding herd on subordinates at work. This class will teach you more about dealing with fear, anger, defensiveness, ego, abuse, games, intimidation misunderstanding and whatever else creates friction in your relations with people.  Even if you already have a high level of skill dealing with people, you can still learn more.

Pierce College
A Saturday 10 am to 1 pm exact date to be announced


These Saturday morning classes are reasonably priced.  You can register by going to Pierce College Community Service or call to register at 818 719-6425