About Dr. Ring


Arlen Ring, Ph.D.
I am a Psychologist in private practice in Woodland Hills, California. Being a therapist and a trainer, I have been helping people to overcome wounds and build life skills since 1975. I work with individuals, couples and families and also provide training for organizations.

California Psychologist psy 8070
Certified EMDR Practitioner

BA psychology UCLA 1966
MS psychology Cal State LA 1972
Ph.D. psychology USC 1981

American Psychological Association
Los Angeles County Psychological Association
Adjunct faculty Los Angeles Community College District
EMDR International Association
Psychophysiologic Disorders Association

I personally grew up in an environment that was very unsupportive emotionally. In the course of healing my own wounds and building my own toolbox of life skills, I developed an ability to understand other people’s pain and to see where they are stuck.

My goal is to support you in getting where you need to go. I view myself as potentially a mirror, sounding board, guide, emotional support, teacher, trainer, co-strategist and coach for you. It all depends on what will meet your needs.

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